English Express with Native Speakers

Category: 1on1 Friendship

Would you like to be able to communicate actively in English? Do you need a partner to practice your English? One-on-One Friendship Club at Hobart and William Smith Colleges is holding this online mentoring to help students learn English from native speakers for free. It provides students the opportunity to learn English thematically.


The House Series #1
2020-10-17 | 08:00-09:00 WIB
Telling Time Series #3
2020-10-31 | 08:00-09:00 WIB
American Food/Restaurant Etiquette Series #4
2020-11-07 | 08:00-09:00 WIB
Travel and Transportation Series #5
2020-11-14 | 08:00-09:00 WIB
Weather/Climate in the United States Series #6
2020-11-21 | 08:00-09:00 WIB

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