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    Seeking chapters (roughly 8,000-10,000 words) for an edited volume examining approaches to the communication of religion and/or religious ideas.  The volume is tentatively titled Communicating Religion.  Potential topics can include an examination of discourse around religious ideas within faith communities, e.g. discussions related to belief or practice in  sermons or homilies.  Other directions may examine the expression of religious beliefs through various media formats (art, music, literature, etc.) or the reception of religious ideas through media.  Please send a 300 word abstract and a c.v. to david.barbee@winebrenner.edu by October 31, 2020 for full consideration.

    Contact Info: 

    David M. Barbee, Ph.D.

    Winebrenner Theological Seminary
    950 North Main Street Findlay, OH 45840

    Contact Email: 


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